The Indy Art Districts

This city has a lot of great things to offer.  This weekend I visited Fountain Square and absolutely loved it! “Funky, Artsy, Retro!”  I agree.  This area of Indy is tucked away on the southeast side of downtown Indianapolis and is one of the six cultural districts.  There’s something for everyone in this eclectic area.  […]

Plan A Ladies Night In!

How many times have you and your girlfriends all wanted to get together to just catch up or simply hang out and the dreaded question that never fails to get asked “what do you want to do?”  Then comes the typical responses…go to a movie, go to the club, go out to dinner.  Tired of […]

Art Therapy

Yes! It’s an actual term.  We like to take art therapy to a whole new level.  Some people like to do yoga to relax but why not trade in those tight fitting pants and sometimes impossible poses for a paint brush and a cocktail?  Relax, paint, drink, REPEAT.  Our new favorite beverage of choice comes […]

NEW Paintings

The new holiday paintings are ready for you to choose from.  These inspirations are perfect for your holiday party plans.  More coming soon and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  You never know when holiday surprise discounts may appear!