Happy Chanukkah!

As you plan to celebrate Chanukkah this year, we have some decorating ideas for you.  You can gather (or your children can gather) sticks to be part of a special centerpiece.  The sticks should be about 20 inches long and have smaller branches on them.  Paint your branches silver using spray paint.  Put the sticks together like a bouquet in a blue jar, can, or other container.  Hang chocolate gelt chocolate and dreidel ornaments from the small branches using ribbon.  Tie a silver and blue ribbon around the container and you have a lovely centerpiece for your table or mantel.

Decorate your dinner table using a mixture of blue, white, and silver linens and dinnerware.  White or silver candles in blue-colored candle holders can give your table an elegant look.  For a more winter-weather look, paint pine cones in blue, white, or silver and place them on your table in wooden bowls. 

When it is time for dessert, children enjoy marshmallows.  Use cake-pop sticks to dip a marshmallow about half-way into blue candy melts, and then dip the tip of the marshmallow into white or silver sprinkles.  You can prepare these ahead of time and place them on a decorative plate, or you can have everyone make their own when dinner is done.  Everyone enjoys seeing a full dessert bar!  Place blue place mats or table cloths on your dessert table.  Candy bowls and other glassware display dessert items beautifully, including candy, cookies, and cake-pops decorated in blue and white frosting.  Consider wrapping up gelt chocolate inside a little white box wrapped in blue ribbon.

To see these ideas and more, visit The Paint Cellar’s Pinterest site.

Here at The Paint Cellar, we wish you a Happy Chanukkah and a year filled with many blessings.





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