Hosting a Halloween Painting Party

Have you seen those really cool Halloween-themed paintings that Ashlie has created? They are so much fun! If you are planning to host a Halloween painting party for your kids or friends, we have some decorating and entertaining ideas for you.

Pumpkins make wonderful decorations. You can take some of the really small ones, put googly eyes on them, and place them in cups or jars with the pumpkin’s eyes up over the rim of the cup. They look spooky and cute at the same time. You can also wrap craft ribbons around any size pumpkin. Start at the top near the stem, and then wrap the ribbon all the way around the pumpkin ending at the stem. Wrap two strands of ribbon to look like a present, or wrap it with many strands to match the color and style of your room.

Have you ever painted your pumpkins to look like candy corn? Find some pumpkins that are more oblong than round. Then paint the top of the pumpkin white, leave the middle orange, and paint the bottom of it yellow.

Spiders can help paint the mood too. Purchase a package of those little black spider rings at a party store, and use magnets or tape to attach them to doors and walls. Hanging them from the ceiling using fishing line creates a nice Halloween look too. You can also purchase Tootsie Pops and cover the lollipop portion in black fabric. Then take a black pipe cleaner, and wrap the middle of the pipe cleaner around the Tootsie Pop stick twice. Turn the ends of the pipe cleaner to look like legs. Then wrap three more pipe cleaners around the stick so you end up with eight legs.

Need something to munch on? For the adults, cut up Granny Smith apples into small bite-size pieces. Using a toothpick, place a piece of apple into melted caramel. You can do this in advance of your guests arriving, or you can have them dip it in fresh, warm caramel when they are ready to eat.

You can also make rice krispie treats–make sure you add some orange food coloring (or a mix of yellow & red food coloring,) shape them with your hands to look like pumpkins, add a tootsie roll stem, and a little green frosting for a leaf, and voila, you have cute pumpkins to eat.

There are so many cute ideas I could go on forever, but I won’t. Instead I recommend that you check out our Pinterest site. You will find many of these ideas with full pictures and instructions, as well as, others that I have not mentioned here. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

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