It’s All About LOVE

It's-All-About-LoveLove is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches! Do you want to do something other than dinner and a movie with your special someone? Do you and your friends miss having date nights? Why not host a painting party? When couples paint together they have a great time and create beautiful masterpieces to decorate their home. My husband and I painted a “Love Tree” painting together last year. It is a two-canvas painting. I painted one canvas of the painting and he painted the other. Not only is it beautiful, but it holds wonderful memories of the time we spent together creating it. The Paint Cellar’s new February calendar has some fantastic Valentine’s Day choices for you.
Hosting a party is really easy and we have some decorating and food ideas for you! You can easily create a banner or a garland to create various decorations. Cut out some hearts out of any medium of your choice. You can use newspaper, cardstock, fabric/felt, or even cardboard. If you use cardboard, be sure to decorate the hearts using paint, glitter, markers, beads or ribbon. Then attach the hearts to a string or red, pink, or white ribbon. They can be placed on the string/ribbon either horizontally or vertically. The vertical garlands can be used to hang in doorways, windows, or off of chandeliers. The horizontal ones can be draped across fireplaces, tables, or across doorways. They are quick to make and look lovely. You can use rectangular cardstock to create a banner. Simply decide what you want to say like, “Be Mine,” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” then write each letter on a separate piece of cardstock. Using sticker letters or letter cut-outs work well also. Use a ribbon or strong string to attach the letters to finish your banner.
Candles or vases can make beautiful additions to your décor also. Place a white, red, or pink candle into a clear vase or candleholder, then surround the candle with candy hearts. It is simple and looks nice too. Or you can start by filling the container with candy hearts, and then add colorful flowers. Tablecloths are also quick ways to add color to the room. Grab some solid color tablecloths and add your own hand-made hearts to them.

3a4b3a786f7d8ab8a64575750d36c06dFor simple treats at your party, dip strawberry marshmallows (the cute pink ones,) into melted chocolate and then dip them in sprinkles. Make a cute heart out of paper, attach it to the top of a toothpick and place the toothpick into the marshmallow for easy snacking. Do you enjoy milkshakes? How about a red velvet milkshake? Blend 1 cup of vanilla ice cream, 3 tablespoons of red velvet cake mix, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and ½ cup of milk. Add some whip cream on the top, and add some valentine colored sprinkles to finish it off! These ideas and more can be found on our Pinterest site.

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