Painting Playlist

MusicWhat would your painting playlist be?  So we came to the realization last week that…

(A) We need to buy a new “sound system.”  It’s time to upgrade from the tiny portable radio that does not have a digital dial.  Thankfully it doesn’t date us with a tape player.

(B) We need a painting playlist.  We know everyone likes different genres of music but we thought it’d great to hear from you and put together a list of songs that we can play during our painting classes.  It can be anything from Country to Latin just keep it clean and classy!  Enter your suggestions in the box below and submit!  We’ll post a list of the selected songs once we have all of the entries.  There will not be a deadline on this since music is always changing.  We’ll just keep you all posted each time we put together a new list.

New music means we will definitely be getting a new music player!  Time to UPGRADE!  No worries, we’ll have one of those fancy portable digital “i machine” players next class.

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