Plan A Ladies Night In!

How many times have you and your girlfriends all wanted to get together to just catch up or simply hang out and the dreaded question that never fails to get asked “what do you want to do?”  Then comes the typical responses…go to a movie, go to the club, go out to dinner.  Tired of doing the same old thing?  It’s about time to break the trend and do something different.  Host a paint party!  Paint parties are great for social gatherings with you and your girlfriends.  If you can gather a group of 8 or more girls or guys then this will be perfect for you.

We can do themed paint parties where you choose your theme and we come up with a piece of art that fits the party.  Paint parties go great with wine too!  Have your friends bring with them a bottle of their favorite wine to share and it can turn into a wine tasting as well.  The options are endless!  For more ideas visit our event page.


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